9 Ways a Development and Construction Manager Can Ensure your Project Stays on Budget and on Schedule – Saving Time and Money while Paying for Themselves.

Keeps your overhead down – eliminating the need to add full-time staff for a project
If your projects only come periodically or you’re slower right now, it doesn’t make sense to staff up just to trim staff when a project is over. Simply find a reputable development and construction manager that can fill the positions you need while the project is in progress and save yourself all the extra overhead experiences.

Accurate budget creation, tracking, control and recording
As an owner, development and construction managers are your representatives. As such, you can expect full control along with good reporting and communication. And because they are focused on your project and very accountable, you may enjoy even better results than you would with your own employees who are potentially focused on several projects.

Can provide due diligence on project viability
Considering a project but can’t spare the manpower to evaluate it? A development manager could help you decide on the viability and upside potential with a variety of scenarios -helping you make an informed decision to move forward or pass on a potentially risky project.

Handle consultant, contractor and vendor contractor negotiations
Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate a lot of the startup work so you could just approve the final bids? As an owner, your time may be better spent working with jurisdictions and looking for additional development opportunities.

Constantly look for and find efficiencies during all phases of a development from planning to completion.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to let a project just proceed unless there’s a major problem. But with a development and construction manager on board, a big part of their responsibility is to use their expertise to find the opportunities to save you time and money throughout the entire development and construction process.

Save time and cost through selecting the right development and construction delivery method to suit the project needs.
If you’re undertaking a new type of development for the first time, your existing team may not have the expertise and experience in that particular industry, but you can find a development and construction manager that does, and their insights will be extremely valuable.

Vet and hire the design team, contractors and vendors purposely to fit the project’s unique needs.
Your development and construction manager will have a wide variety of fellow professionals with whom they have worked and can select the best team in each category to come onboard and assist with the project.

Research and recommend construction methods that will reduce the project’s cost and maintain overall quality
There are always options for how processes can be undertaken, and your development and construction manager will bring with him/her some good ideas on ways to reduce costs, based on experience with similar projects.

Ensures an accurate and efficient entitlement/permit process, schedule, and onsite observations.
Nothing replaces having someone overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring everything is integrated correctly. A development and construction manager are this person for you – focusing on making sure each step is completed correctly and everything flows smoothly.