Multnomah County Enhances Portland’s Housing Incentive Program to Foster Development in High-Cost Areas

By Robert Beauchemin | March 1, 2024

At BC Group, we’re excited to see what impact this will have and applaud the efforts taking place to encourage affordable housing. In a significant move to support housing development in Portland’s pricier neighborhoods, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, on a recent Thursday, approved a pivotal amendment that broadens…

Portland City Council Undertakes Efforts to Help with Housing

By Robert Beauchemin | March 1, 2024

In case you missed it, the Portland City Council has recently taken significant steps to address the city’s housing development challenges through the Housing Regulatory Relief Project. While the impact remains to be seen, it’s a positive step to streamline the commercial project development process. This initiative seeks to reduce…

What is Included in Commercial Real Estate Development Management?

By Robert Beauchemin | February 22, 2024

Commercial real estate development management encompasses a broad range of activities that guide a development project from conception to completion. When a property development and construction management company takes on a project, it typically covers several key stages and responsibilities: Market Analysis and Feasibility Studies: Before any physical work begins,…

Why Should You Consider a Property Development and Construction Management Advisor?

By Robert Beauchemin | February 22, 2024

Hiring a property development and construction management advisor brings a multitude of advantages to any commercial real estate development project. These firms provide expertise, experience, and resources that can greatly enhance the efficiency, profitability, and success of a project. Here are several compelling reasons to consider engaging such a firm:…

What Are the Kinds of Due Diligence that a Commercial Construction Management Firm Perform for a Commercial Real Estate Developer?

By Robert Beauchemin | February 16, 2024

Due diligence in commercial construction management involves a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects related to a construction project to ensure it is viable, legal, and financially sound. For a commercial real estate developer, a construction management firm like BC Group can perform various types of due diligence to mitigate risks…

How Can a Commercial Real Estate Advisor Help a Commercial Real Estate Developer?

By Robert Beauchemin | February 10, 2024

A commercial real estate advisor plays a crucial role in guiding a commercial real estate developer through the complex landscape of property development, investment, and management. Their expertise and insights can be invaluable across various stages of a project, from inception to completion and beyond. Here’s how they can assist:…


Considering Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Advisor? Here’s What to Know.

By Robert Beauchemin | January 19, 2024

Engaging a commercial real estate advisor can offer numerous benefits for a commercial real estate developer or business owner looking to expand their real estate assets. Here are some key advantages: • Market Knowledge and Insights: Advisors have extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate market, including current trends, property…


What are the Considerations for Converting Office to Residential, and How Can BC Group Help?

By Robert Beauchemin | January 10, 2024

Converting office space into a residential unit involves several considerations, including providing the necessary amenities to ensure comfort and functionality for the tenants. The specific amenities you can provide will depend on the size and layout of the space, local regulations, and the preferences of the residents. Experienced project teams…

investigation into the residential experience

What are the Evolving Priorities for Deciding Where to Live?

By Robert Beauchemin | August 31, 2023

Many factors influence how people think about and decide where to live. Traditional considerations include job opportunities, cost of living, the housing market itself, climate, educational quality, family ties and more. However, some of these traditional factors are shifting and residential developers, designers and others involved in the industry need…

multifamily construction

Multi-family Construction is Holding Steady. Why is There Still Such a Housing Shortage?

By Robert Beauchemin | August 27, 2023

The multifamily construction segment is still excelling, according to a recent report, but a nationwide housing shortage persists. The housing shortage can be attributed to various factors, such as population growth, limited construction of new housing units, zoning restrictions, and increasing demand for affordable housing. How can multifamily housing supply…

embodied carbon in commercial construction

Can embodied carbon in commercial construction be lessened?

By Robert Beauchemin | August 14, 2023

A new study says that embodied carbon (EC) reductions must be made in order to meet global greenhouse gas emission targets. Building operations and building construction account for 28% and 11%, respectively, of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Energy Agency.  “Embodied Carbon U.S. Industrial Real Estate,” produced…

Converting vacant office buildings

Could Unused Office Space Help Solve the Lack of Housing While Benefiting Cities?

By Robert Beauchemin | August 1, 2023

City centers are struggling to fill the gap left by commuters who now come into the office a few  days a week, if at all. These employees took advantage of downtown businesses, from restaurants to dry cleaners, and without them, these businesses are struggling or closing.   Converting vacant office buildings…

Single family homes

Why Developers Are Ditching Single-Family Units

By Robert Beauchemin | August 1, 2023

Single family homes have supported the real estate and construction industries for as far back as we can research. While bigger buildings make for a nice payday, most professionals in these industries have made their consistent payments working on small family homes, usually anywhere from one to four bedrooms. The…

Empty Office Buildings

Vertical Farms in Empty Office Buildings

By Robert Beauchemin | July 19, 2023

Empty Office Buildings Are Being Turned Into Vertical Farms In the first quarter of 2023, about 16.1 percent of office space across the country was vacant. In some of the major U.S. markets, vacancies reached up to 30 percent. Projections by Cushman Wakefield suggest that more than 300 million square…

commercial real estate professionals

Commercial real estate professionals upbeat about longer-term prospects

By Robert Beauchemin | July 5, 2023

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends report, most commercial real estate professionals are reasonably optimistic about longer-term prospects.  While two straight quarters of declining gross domestic product indicate that the U.S. economy entered recession in the first half of 2022, other economic metrics…

Agenda, hour by hour planner with alarm clock and office supplies. Business planning

Improving Time Management On Commercial Construction Projects

By Robert Beauchemin | May 24, 2023

Time management is a very challenging aspect of managing business, let alone our lives. Managing your time is the best way to get things done throughout the day but never feel like you are falling behind. By staying ahead of the challenges that come from being short on time, project…

excavator in action

10 Construction Challenges Property Owners Miss

By Robert Beauchemin | May 17, 2023

Every project has its challenges. The bigger the project, the bigger the challenge. The fact is that large construction projects tend to have more headaches than others, particularly because of all the planning and management that has to go in each aspect. On a smaller, residential project, the general contractor…

Office building with blue panorama windows

Window Washing Rooftop Anchors – Who is Responsible for incorporating Them Into the Building Plans?

By Robert Beauchemin | March 30, 2023

When a multistory building is being constructed, a small but crucial detail are the anchors that must be installed for window washers to anchor to. By law from OSHA, these anchors need to support 5,000 pounds in any direction. But who is responsible for planning for these anchors and ensuring…

Close up electric car charging

Half of Portland’s New Multi-Family Project Parking Spaces Must Support Future EV Charging Stations

By Robert Beauchemin | March 30, 2023

There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are gaining in popularity and can be an important component in lessening greenhouse gas emissions and meeting clean air standards. But it’s a classic chicken and egg scenario. More cars need more charging stations and some people may be hesitant to purchase them without…

Beautiful Green Building

What is the Latest with Green Building?

By Robert Beauchemin | January 18, 2023

Green building is an innovative approach to creating buildings in a sustainable way that minimizes the environmental impact of construction and design. As technology and construction practices become more advanced, green building has become increasingly popular with builders, architects, and homeowners alike. In this blog post, we will discuss the…

Roof Truss Metal Frames in Steel Warehouse

Developments in Construction Related to Modular, Prefab and 3D Printing

By Robert Beauchemin | January 18, 2023

The construction industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving industries today. This can be attributed to the use of new techniques, materials, and technologies that are constantly being developed. One such example of these developments includes prefabrication, modular construction methods, and 3D printing.  Prefabrication is a process…

Aerial View Tall Building Construction

What is Living Building Material?

By Robert Beauchemin | December 29, 2022

One of the most intriguing new trends in the construction industry is the use of living building material. And while it’s still very young, it’s gathering momentum. Living building material refers to materials used in construction or industrial design that behave in a way that resembles a living organism. Examples…

Refinery Engineer Working on Construction Site

What are Construction Digital Technologies and How Can They Help?

By Robert Beauchemin | December 29, 2022

Almost 5% of the U.S. workforce is in construction, or about 7.5 million people. And the U.S. construction industry is vast – valued at more $1.6 trillion in 2021. In fact, construction is the 12th largest industry in the country and accounts for approximately 4.3% of the U.S. total GDP.…

Real Estate Construction Advisory

Can a construction advisor help before I’m ready for construction?

By Robert Beauchemin | January 20, 2021

If you hire an unbiased construction advisor before you’re ready for renovation at a property, you may be able to take advantage of several benefits. Questions may be raised that a construction advisor can help you with. These can include: What is the problem to be solved and is there…

Construction Worker Discussion

9 Ways a Development and Construction Manager Can Ensure your Project Stays on Budget and on Schedule – Saving Time and Money while Paying for Themselves.

By Robert Beauchemin | October 13, 2020

Keeps your overhead down – eliminating the need to add full-time staff for a project If your projects only come periodically or you’re slower right now, it doesn’t make sense to staff up just to trim staff when a project is over. Simply find a reputable development and construction manager…

Development and Construction - BC Group

Can a Development and Construction Advisor Help Before Construction?

By Robert Beauchemin | October 1, 2020

Looking around for your next development project? The right company that serves as a development and construction advisor could be of assistance long before it’s time to turn a shovel. They can help you identify opportunities in various industries and obtain existing property information from relevant jurisdictions. They can also…

Real Estate Development and Construction Advisor

How to Choose a Real Estate Development and Construction Advisor

By Robert Beauchemin | August 10, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve identified your next project with BC Group, your top real estate construction advisors. Now you need to identify the team that will help you bring your vision to life. Before construction begins, your team may be helping with a variety of tasks including site selection, zoning, design, setting…

Pitfalls to Avoid in Construction - BC Group

7 Pitfalls to Avoid in Construction

By Robert Beauchemin | August 10, 2020

By working smart, and having a great team with good communication and comprehensive checklists, the most common contractor errors can be avoided to keep your projects and people safe, productive and profitable. The goal is always to limit/eliminate accidents, ensure budget and timelines stay on schedule and create a positive…