Contributing To One Goal

Whether you are looking at building a new structure, need your current real estate property assessed for current and future needs, or would like to analyze whether to build new or to repurpose an existing structure, the BC Group team has the experience to guide you through what can often be a complex process.

We are proactive and excel in managing the minutia of details so you don’t have to. Because we represent the owner and are not designers or contractors, we have only one goal, and that is to serve you! As your representative we will ensure that your interests are looked after in all areas of the project. We will decipher the issues that need Owner input and provide you with clear recommendations for your decision making, thus keeping you engaged and in control of the progress of your project.

With our combined experience and knowledge, there is no project too small or too large for us to tackle. BC Group’s development and construction managers have the experience and skill to properly guide your project to success while staying dedicated to transparency, honesty and respecting our project partners.


Meeting Challenges



Our team's experience provides the confidence and expertise your project needs.



Big project challenges require creative solutions at every step in the construction and development process.



Every project has an established goal and every action we take on contributes to its success.