Development Management
Due Diligence
Design Creation & Management
Project Completion and Turnover
Construction – Lender Third Party Review
What Sets Us Apart From Other Management Firms?
Development Management

Development de·vel·op·ment
1.the process of developing or being developed.
synonyms: evolution, growth, maturation, expansion, enlargement, spread, progress;

Development Management is the management of the entire process of bringing a vision to life in the built environment.  The vision could be an interesting construction idea to be explored, it could be whether to buy a new building or could be an already established business that is expanding to a new location.  Whatever the vision is, we can outline the process and guide you through each step and all of the detailed tasks between each milestone:

  • Due Diligence
  • Design Creation and Management
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Project Completion and Turn Over
Due Diligence

Property Acquisition Information and Third-Party Evaluations

  • Obtain Existing Property Information from City/County
  • Perform a property Condition Report and Needs Assessment
  • Phase I (Phase II if needed) Environmental Studies
  • Geotechnical Soils Studies
  • Land Survey

Concept Development

  • Design Concept(s) and Programming
  • High level Construction Costs
  • Development (hard and soft costs) Budget and Cash Flow Estimates
  • Entitlement Review and Estimate
  • High level Utilities placement/service issues
  • Development Schedule
  • Financial Proforma development
Design Creation & Management

  • Issue Request for Proposal (RFP) for full architectural services
  • Architectural Design Quote(s) Review and Recommendation
  • Negotiate a Limited Service Agreement or Memo of Understanding with the selected firm
  • Write and negotiate along with the owner/owner’s legal team, the full AIA architectural agreement
  • Issue RFP’s for Other Design Subconsultants that will be hired directly by the owner including but not limited to Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Envelope /Waterproofing Consultant, Kitchen Design, Acoustical, ADA, Traffic, etc
  • Review and provide a recommendation for Sub-consultant’s Scopes of work
  • Write and negotiate Professional Service Agreements with applicable consultant firms
  • Assist the owner and architect with Developing the Owner’s Program
  • Attend design meetings to Ensure the Owner’s Intent is carried through to each level of drawing milestone
  • Update the Development Schedule reflecting the projected design and entitlement timelines
  • Conduct a Review of the Drawings at each phase
  • Green building and/or LEED Coordination

  • Issue GC Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • GC Bid Review and Recommendation
  • Write and negotiate a Preconstruction Agreement
  • Coordinate with selected contractor to provide Estimates at Each Design Milestone
  • High level Subcontractor Bid Review
  • Value Engineering recommendations
  • Analyze Alternates - systems, materials and methods
  • Clarifications Request responses
  • Work with the contractor to Establish the Final Estimate and Construction Schedule
  • Write and negotiate AIA Contractor Agreement.
  • Full Development Schedule including the detailed construction schedule.
  • Work with the Owner to get a Builder’s Risk Insurance policy in place.
  • Issue RFP’s for Construction Testing services needed during the course of construction
  • Provide updated Development Budget and Cash Flow Estimates.
  • Work with the owner and lender to close the Construction Loan.
  • Review and track all Project Invoices
  • Utility/Utility Service provider setup and coordination

  • Attend Weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) Meetings
  • Issue or cause Meeting Minutes to be taken that will document issues discussed, and actions required along with the responsible parties
  • Monitor the Onsite Activities of the contractor for conformance
  • Monitor and Track the Critical Path Project Schedule and suggest corrective actions as necessary
  • Monitor and review processing, recording, and tracking of all Clarifications, Substitution Requests, Shop Drawings, Requests for Information, and Submittals.
  • Receive, review and provide recommendation for Change Proposals/Requests
  • Negotiate and write Change Orders
  • Track and provide recommendations for the Contingency Use
  • Franchise Utility Coordination and setup
  • Review and approve the contractor’s Application for Payment.
  • Review, track and provide recommendation for Soft Cost Invoices
  • Interface with the Construction Lender for any documentation needed for them to fund the project.
  • Prepare Construction Draw Packages or provide a monthly invoice package
  • Furniture Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) Coordination
  • On issues requiring the Owner team’s decisions and / or Owner’s actions, BC will Prepare and Present Specific Special Reports with adequate documentation to make informed decisions
  • Monthly Reports will be provided that clearly describe the status of the project
Project Completion and Turnover

  • Assist with development and completion of the list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items (Punch List)
  • Evaluate the Completion of the Work and make recommendations to the Owner as to when the work is ready for final inspection
  • BC will represent the Owner in Conducting a Final Inspection
  • Assist the Owner in Obtaining an Occupancy Permit
  • Assist in the preparation and submission of proper Documentation to the Appropriate Agencies
  • Assist Owner in Final Testing and Startup of utilities, operational systems, equipment, etc.
  • Coordinate Training Sessions for the Owner’s maintenance and/or operations personnel
  • Initiate the Owner’s Inspection, Commissioning and acceptance
  • Review Maintenance and Operating (O&M) Manuals, schedules, and guarantees.
  • Coordinate a smooth Turnover of all Closeout Documentation including warranties, guarantees, bonds, certificates, maintenance manuals, and as-built drawing, etc.
Construction – Lender Third Party Review

For lenders looking for third party draw review and reporting, the modified construction management scope includes:

  • BC will conduct a Review of the Proposed Plans and the General Contractor Agreement with a focus on helping the client understand the documents as well as Identify any Items of Concern.
  • Per Draw Construction Monitoring and Observation
    1. Attend Monthly Contractor Draw Request Meeting and provide a funding recommendation.
    2. Perform Physical Observations once per month to quantify work in place on the draw request
    3. Review of the Contractor Cost breakdown and project documents for the purpose of determining what activities have been completed and should be on a draw request.
    4. Request and Collect Lien Releases provided by the General Contractor and Other Billing Documentation that may be required by the Lender for the General Contractor but not including subcontractors.
    5. Provide a simple Written Memo/Report verifying:
      • The Project’s Approximate Percentage of Completion and a general description of the construction progress
      • Items of Concern observed and outstanding major action items
      • Provide an Overview of Line Item Percentages Completed and remaining cost to complete; discussing items of concern regarding percentages either over or under valued.
      • Review the contractor and owner’s Change Order Logs and Relay Concerns.
      • Provide Opinion on the Adequacy of the Budget and Contingency in relation to the ability to complete the project.
      • If information is readily available, Provide a Recap of Contingency Use to date for both the General Contractor’s and Owner’s contingency funds
      • Progress Photos
What Sets Us Apart From Other Management Firms?

Team photo of BC Group

BC Group team photo

While there are many firms to choose from, BC Group offers the full spectrum of services needed to assist with every facet of development:

  • Well versed in every facet of both the development and construction management process and not just one without the other as they are integral and rely on the success of each other to complete the successful whole. BC Group can provide the organization and guidance from concept to move-in, or perform any role or roles in between to fit in with your team’s skills.
  • Experience and knowledge of the Complete Development Process from idea/land search to operations/tenant move-in.
  • Complete budget creation (land/ hard costs / soft costs / startup costs / financing costs) with corresponding cash flow estimates through major milestones
  • AIA Software contract documents: We have a license for AIA software and have over 20 years of experience creating architectural and general construction contracts and associated amendments.
  • Accounting interface: We take invoice review to the next level.  Not only do we review each invoice against its contracted scope and original schedule of values, we can also code your invoices for your accounting department, help establish a chart of accounts and assist in vendor and contractor payments.
  • FF&E Coordination: We will assist and lead the process in developing the FF&E budget, coordination, procurement and installation including furniture, fixtures, equipment, audio/visual needs, IT needs, signage, etc.