Lender Services


Representation Services

Protect your real estate investment

BC Group, Inc. offers financial lenders and investment groups a wide range of services to support and protect their interest in real estate ventures. Partnering with BC Group protects the bank and investors interests while supporting client relationships and overall property management.

BC Group has the necessary experience and integrity to give you accurate and reliable service throughout the entire process. BC Group has knowledge in commercial construction and development experience, working with owners, banks, investors, designers, jurisdictions, developers, and contractors.


Lender & Finance Services

Work with a team who has hands-on experience

  • Condition of property observations, assessment, and report
  • Construction bank draw inspections
  • Needs assessment
  • Recovery plans
  • Solutions and recommendations
  • Original development and construction analysis and opinion
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Monitor construction progress
  • Quality assurance
  • Due diligence
  • Site, structure, exteriors, and interiors