During this phase we will assist you to bring a general contractor on board and is the time to lock in the contractor schedule, rates and markups so they remain firm over the course of estimating. This will include:

  • At the end of the schematic design phase, we will issue an RFP to a select list of general contractors.
  • Obtain, review and provide a recommendation for a selected GC.
  • Write and negotiate a preconstruction agreement that will be used as a basis for the full contract terms.
  • Cause the contractor to provide estimates at each design milestone.
  • Provide review and comment on high level and detailed subcontractor bids.
  • Update the development budget with each iteration of construction costs.
  • Provide value engineering recommendations in conjunction with the contractor and architect focusing on value enhancement and not elimination.
  • Analyze alternate systems, materials and methods to ensure that the desire quality level is achieved.
  • Work with the architect to distribute drawings to the selected contractor and answer any clarifications requests.
  • Work with the contractor to establish the final estimate – Lump Sum (Fixed Price) or GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price).
  • Write and negotiate along with the Owner and Owner’s legal team, the AIA contractor agreement.
  • Work with and cause the contractor to provide a full and detailed construction schedule.
  • Update or cause to be updated the development schedule to include the updated construction portion of the schedule.
  • Work with the Owner to get a builder’s risk insurance policy in place.
  • Issue RFP’s for construction consulting services to be hired directly by owner that are needed during the course of construction:
    • Construction materials testing & inspection
    • Geotechnical observation
    • Water and air infiltration testing
    • Building Envelope observation
  • Provide updated development budget and cash flow estimates.
  • Work with the owner and lender to provide any documentation needed to obtain and close the construction loan.
  • Review and track all project invoices against their approved contracts and provide recommendation for payment.
  • Utility/utility service provider setup and coordination (Electrical, Gas, water sewer). Obtain will serve letters as needed.