Can embodied carbon in commercial construction be lessened?

A new study says that embodied carbon (EC) reductions must be made in order to meet global greenhouse gas emission targets. Building operations and building construction account for 28% and 11%, respectively, of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Energy Agency.  “Embodied Carbon U.S. Industrial Real Estate,” produced by BranchPattern, a building consultancy…

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Why Developers Are Ditching Single-Family Units

Single family homes have supported the real estate and construction industries for as far back as we can research. While bigger buildings make for a nice payday, most professionals in these industries have made their consistent payments working on small family homes, usually anywhere from one to four bedrooms. The construction and repair work these…

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Vertical Farms in Empty Office Buildings

Empty Office Buildings Are Being Turned Into Vertical Farms In the first quarter of 2023, about 16.1 percent of office space across the country was vacant. In some of the major U.S. markets, vacancies reached up to 30 percent. Projections by Cushman Wakefield suggest that more than 300 million square feet of U.S. office space…

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