Due Diligence


Like all things, everything must start with a beginning. Once you have chosen a property, we can obtain the appropriate reports to help you evaluate its potential before you purchase. We may engage a designer to work with you to provide a concept plan to have it checked for entitlement requirements, and ability to provide a program to then be realistically priced in order to put together a financial model to see if the development is feasible.

    Property acquisition information and third-party evaluations

  • Obtain any existing property information from City/County
  • Perform a property condition report and needs assessment
  • Phase I (Phase II if needed) environmental studies
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Survey
    Concept Development

  • High level design concept(s) and Programming
  • High level construction costs
  • High level development (hard and soft costs) budget and cash flow estimates
  • High level entitlement review and estimate
  • High level utility placement/service issues
  • High Level development schedule
  • Financial Proforma development